Ducati Track Days return for 2021

Thu 22nd April 2021




The track day opener will take place at Donington’s full Moto GP circuit on the 20th May, followed by Brands Hatch, indy on the 26th May and Silverstone’s full MotoGP circuit on the 7th July.

All three dates will be *Ducati only days, enabling Ducati owners to ride their pride and joy in their natural environment together with fellow Ducatisti. The Ducati UK track days have become a ‘must do’ in the UK Ducatisti calendar catering for all levels of experience and ability with sessions for novice, intermediate and advanced riders.

To open the days up to as many Ducati motorcycles as possible, Ducati have booked days with the least noise restrictions that the circuits allow on those dates. Donington will be a rare unsilenced day, with Silverstone a 105db static noise limit and Brands Hatch a 105db drive by limit.

The onus will be on the rider to ensure their motorcycle is within the circuit’s noise regulations. Also new for 2021 - all bikes must now have a front brake lever guard or hand guard fitted at all UK Track days.

Full Covid safety measures will be in place and will be adapted to the current regulations closer to the time. As such, at this stage no spectators will be allowed to attend, and social distancing will need to be adhered to within the garages and paddock areas. Each event will include Breakfast and Lunch for riders.

*Ducati only track days include Scramblers.

Donington Track Day – 20th May £225 - this is a rare unsilenced day on the full Moto GP Circuit

Bookings can be made here: https://bike.msvtrackdays.com/Calendar/Bike/DoningtonPark/2021/5/20

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit – 26th May - £225 -105dba static noise limit.
This track day will be running just two groups, novice and intermediate/fast so early booking is advisable.

Bookings can be made here: https://bike.msvtrackdays.com/Calendar/Bike/BrandsHatch/2021/5/26

Silverstone Track Day – 7th July - £275 - 105dba ride by noise limit on full Moto GP circuit.
Please note there are increasing pressure on circuits to abide by their noise levels, noise restrictions will apply at Silverstone with a 105dba ride by noise limit as in previous years.

Bookings can be made here: https://track.silverstone.co.uk/book.aspx?category1=f0f22490-7e54-e911-a945-000d3ab7bbb8&category2=ebb67d5f-7954-e911-a945-000d3ab7bbb8&product=6266cb5f-9858-ea11-a94a-000d3ab7bbb8

Visit: https://www.ducati.com/gb/en/events-uk/2021-track-days for more information on circuit regulations and track day insurance.